Saturday, January 1, 2011

Things Appalling Me Now

We just saw a product on TV that took my breath away for all the wrong reasons. It's the Pajama Jeans and it's as bad or worse than it sounds. It seems to assume that real jeans are far too formal for everyday attire. The commercial shows a woman struggling to get her tight jeans zipped, so it's also catering to the holiday oink market.

Ugly pajamas that sell for $375

Lasagna that costs $25 and features canned mushrooms.

The fact that my neighbor emailed the property manager 14 times about 2 inches of snow that were (in his opinion) insufficiently cleared. I'm pretty sure it would have melted by day's end, and I'm equally sure we'll be paying a pretty penny for the extra visit by the snow clearing guys.

The fact that they advertise the Trojan Triphoria on daytime TV. It's either a vibrator or something even more sex-toyish, but 5pm advertising is a-ok.

My hair.

The most recent take on the Snuggie is called the Snazzy Napper, and you put the $%^&* thing over your head! Good thing you'll have the padding to protect you from getting punched in the face.

The fact that unemployment is still at 9.3%.


Anonymous said...

The Pajama Jeans commercial was inescapable this weekend! And really, aren't those just sweatpants "styled" like jeans??? If they are so comfy that they make you want to nap, maybe best to keep those kinda pants indoors.

Glenbrook Laura

Malerie said...

I'm waiting for the "Jeansnuggie"

Streets of Stamford said...

The Snazzy Napper can't be a real product!! It's not snazzy, cool or comfortable! Thankfully it has a nose oval so you can breathe. I'd hate to suffocate while wearing that embarrassing piece of crap.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

You are absolutely right - that commercial was everywhere. I think I dreamed about woman walking her kids dressed in a fashion nightmare.

Jeansnuggie - that is definitely a sign of the Apocalypse. No question.

I know what you're getting for Christmas next year, SOS! :)