Monday, January 17, 2011

Voila Zaza

Approximately a billion years ago, I worked near Bistro 122 (on Broad) and I was no stranger to their pizza and salads. They've since said goodbye to that location, but someone else has now said hello. I got an email the other day from a gentleman named Nick who told me a little bit about his big plans for the space.

Our new downtown neighbor will be called Zaza - Italian Gastrobar. Nick's dad is his business partner and also the man behind Molto in Fairfield and both Remo's and Lucky's on Bedford right here. I'm not familiar with Molto, but I'm a big fan of both Remo's and Lucky's. Both have tasty food and good service for a reasonable price. (The chicken salad sandwich at Lucky's is a particular favorite.) I'm also a big fan of businessmen who have a record of success and who decide to move into a space that needs a new attraction. All that is to say, I have high hopes for Zaza.

Nick tells me that Zaza will offer:
- A trendy Italian vibe
- Interior designs featuring marble, mahogany and red leather booths
- Affordable prices (entrees under $20; wine starting at $5/glass)
- Brick oven pizzas
- Italian tapas and bar food even after hours
- Live DJ from time to time
- Regular happy hour
- Solid glass removable store front that will open up for al-fresco dining (nice!!)

Altogether, it sounds like a great new addition to the downtown area. Looking forward to checking it out!

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UnsatisfiedMind said...

Molto is a very popular Mozzarella Bar; I know a number of folks who love the place.

I'd heard that Molto was looking to add a location in downtown Stamford, so I wonder if Za Za is it...

Sarah Keller said...
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Sarah Keller said...

Yes it is!