Thursday, January 6, 2011

MBA: What do you say?

You kinda have to respect people who describe themselves as "upcoming marketing moguls."

Those two moguls in the making are Anthony Harris and Mikelah Rose, and they have spearheaded a monthly networking event called M.O.D. Success (which stands for Motivation + Opportunities + Drive = Success). I always thought "Less Crappy Economy" was part of that equation, but I like their optimism!

Their upcoming January 25th event from 7-9pm at Butterfield8 (112 Bedford Street) is called "To MBA, or To Not MBA: That is the question." They will be welcoming a panel of professionals to weigh in on the value of an MBA including a UConn Professor, a Vice President from Morgan Stanley and an entrepreneur.

If you're considering taking that next step in your education, the $5 fee is a good investment before you fork over about 12,000 times more. You'll enjoy a little extra professional know-how and hey - also light refreshments!

(photo from Herkie,

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Orville said...

Keep up the good work Stamford notes. Love the blog. Couple of things I noticed recently;

1. Keyfoods is finally opening on prospect street. Shelves are stacked and they are interviewing.

2. Mortons is expanding their bar. Bar I think is going to be now called bar 21 11 and will be more then double the size

3. Bar taco is going to open soon next to barcelona.

4. Cafe zaza opening on broad street. Looks like a call addition. Replaces bistro 121.