Saturday, January 22, 2011

I *HEART* Remo's

I took a little work breather ce soir and had a real deal date with my husband. We were trying to keep it low key - just an affordable dinner out. We ended up walking to Remo's and I was reminded of what a nice job they do. With the silver tone tin ceiling and the yellow walls, it's a pleasant atmosphere. The whole place is clean, bright and smiley.

They greeted us warmly and we didn't wait long at all to be seated and served. Our waitress was helpful and never pushy. The prices are reasonable (we each had wine/beer and the tab was only $35...not too bad!). And the food was good! I had an individual white pizza with spinach, and my husband had a chicken sandwich. Lovely evening back to work!


Malerie said...

yes, I agree. Remos is a great reasonable option for dinner downtown. I love the pizzas.

Orville said...

I love remos too. Especially the white clam pie. Best pizza in stamford!

Streets of Stamford said...

Remo's is awesome. I love their Napolitano pie, and now I have to try the white clam!