Sunday, January 9, 2011

Thanks Orville!

I've been a little quieter than usual, citizens, and my apologies - but things at work are busy, busy and I haven't had the "get up and go" to keep going quite so often! Thankfully, my readers are keeping me in the loop with their very smart observations. Reader, Orville - who has made quite a few other great comments in the past - said the following:

Anonymous Orville said...

Keep up the good work Stamford notes. Love the blog. Couple of things I noticed recently;

1. Keyfoods is finally opening on prospect street. Shelves are stacked and they are interviewing.

2. Mortons is expanding their bar. Bar I think is going to be now called bar 21 11 and will be more then double the size

3. Bar taco is going to open soon next to barcelona.

4. Cafe zaza opening on broad street. Looks like a call addition. Replaces bistro 121.

Thanks Orville - very kind and very helpful!! We should also be keeping an eye out for Bar Rosso, Napa's new initiative where Bennett's used to be. When I asked at Napa over New Year's when we could expect them to open their doors, they said "soon!"

So apologies that for now, and for January, I'll be a little slow to post, but a million thank yous to my fellow citizens for helping me - and the rest of us - stay in the know!


Anonymous said...

I have been wondering about Keyfoods. It'll be so convenient if it's not too expensive! Thanks for the update!

Rob said...

CVS in Bulls Head is also starting to stock the shelves.

Orville said...

Thanks Stamford notes. Once again great blog! Activity picking up in Stamford. I read today that the old town hall is being used as a centre for innovation. Might bring some much needed vibrancy to that area of town.