Sunday, November 15, 2009

The City that Smirks

Interesting article a few days back from Angela Carella on Malloy's impact on Stamford. I didn't realize that he'd changed us from "Moving Forward for People" to "The City that Works" - with an emphasis on the idea that we are a city. Malloy apparently came to the office of mayor from the Board of Finance, and believed that the city workforce was "bloated and not terribly efficient." So, the phrase "The City that Works" was coined in a season of wishful thinking.

Inspired by the idea that you create a slogan for the city that you hope it will become, here are some alternatives:

- Stamford: No Holes Here
- Stamford: Now with Cool Grocery Stores!
- Stamford: The City that Perks (plug for independent coffee shops)
- Stamford: High-rises Completed in Four Years or Less
- Stamford: We Got the Guys Who Slit your Tires
- StaMford: Even Southern Californians Spell it Correctly

1 comment:

Unknown said...

All those years in office, trying to make things more "efficient"!
He did bring us into the computer age with an efficient computer network and computers in every department.
He did not convince Finance board members that he had cut things to "bare bones" who continued to try to find waste.
He did waste more money by creating still more layers in the bureaucracy.
I vote for the City that perks, because we have killed all the independent coffee shops!