Monday, November 2, 2009

M8 Running Late

"Talking Transportation," a blog by Jim Cameron, Chairman of the CT Metro-North Rail Commuter Council, has an interesting post on delays for the M8 trains. Apparently the trains will not be available for use until towards the end of 2010, which is a year later than anticipated.

It seems that all of the benchmark dates have come and gone, but the Japanese manufacturer is paying hefty fines as a result. Read the rest of Jim's blog entry for more details - and you'll be in good company - even the Huffington Post links to it.

The cached version of May 28, 2008 blog entry by Station Stops includes a video of what those cars (eventually) may look like and the kinds of upgrades they feature. There's no indication (that I've seen) that these cars are faster, but they include updates in style, comfort and restroom facilities.

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