Saturday, November 21, 2009

Parading to a Town Near You - Stamford Parade Info

Lots o’ people are looking for information on tomorrow’s Stamford Parade, so I’m happy to sum it up. It starts at noon on the corner of Summer and Hoyt Streets. You can see a map of the parade route here. Balloons and bands pack it up at Atlantic Street near the train station. I’m not gonna lie to you – parking will not be fun – but you can see a map of downtown parking options here.

And…if you didn’t check out the parade quiz this week, here is a recap:

1. What are some new balloons making their debut appearance this year? (Hint: there are three to choose from)? Super Grover, Cookie Monster and Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle)

2. What is the oldest balloon in the parade this year? Kermit, made in 1999

3. What is the biggest balloon in the parade this year? Also Kermit! He’s 60 feet tall and 18 feet wide.

4. How many balloons are in the parade? Seventeen (!)

5. What’s the smallest balloon in the parade? Mr. Potato Head. Dude is a mere 25 feet tall and 15 feet wide (seems pretty big to me).

6. How many marching bands are in the parade? Twelve

7. When did the parade first start? 1993

8. What is the biggest number of people the parade has ever drawn? In the neighborhood o’ 200,000

9. How many volunteers does it take to put the parade together? 1,000 (!)

(photo from chris.ptacek,

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