Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Parade Trivia Two

I’m sure you are on pins and needles (no balloon popping pun intended), so here are your answers to the latest round of Parade Trivia, citizens:

1. What are some new balloons making their debut appearance this year? (Hint: there are three to choose from)? Super Grover, Cookie Monster and Leonardo (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle)

2. What is the oldest balloon in the parade this year? Kermit, made in 1999

3. What is the biggest balloon in the parade this year? Also Kermit! He’s 60 feet tall and 18 feet wide.

What else, you say? Here goes:

4. How many balloons are in the parade?

5. What’s the smallest balloon in the parade?

6. How many marching bands are in the parade?

(photo from Andreanna,

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Streets of Stamford said...

I'm better at 80s TV trivia than parade trivia, but I will say that I was a balloon handler two years ago and it was AWESOME. I held one of the feet for a Rescue Heroes Firefighter.