Sunday, November 1, 2009


One thing Stamford Notes aims to accomplish is to highlight local talent. Johanna Anderes is the Stamford artist behind 12fifteen. Her sophisticated collection includes stark prints of white trees on a charcoal background, coasters with stylized natural images, and charming seasonal notecards.

Johanna started her creative career at Parsons School of Design. She soon developed a special affection for letterpress, and she’s been refining her craft ever since. Her painstaking work, hand feeding each page one at a time through an antique printing press, is inspired by Minimalism and European aesthetics.

Her favorite creation, her son, is the source of her online store’s name (it’s his birthday). Next on her agenda is personalized stationary and limited edition art prints. Johanna has lived in Stamford for six years. She appreciates the variety of activities, but wishes for more upscale or special supermarket offerings (agreed!). Take a look at 12fifteen's online store.

(photo from 12fifteen, Harvest, letterpress coasters set of 8)

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