Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The Norwich Connecticut Defenders are Now...

The Richmond Flying Squirrels!

On Oct 8th, I blogged about the former Norwich Connecticut Defenders moving to my home town of Richmond, Virginia. There was a lot of local debate about the candidates for new names - get up to speed here. Personally, I'm good with the Flying Squirrels - here's why it's the best one on the table:

Rockhoppers was cool and appropriate, but it's a pretty sucky mascot and an even suckier free giveaway. Imagine the team wasn't doing well - you just gave everybody a weapon.

Hush Puppies - ok, they're adorable, but Virginians don't need more reasons to eat fried food. Also, a little too good for throwing at players (fried balls, not dogs...but either would be bad).

It's not the Flatheads. (Really, the Flatheads?)

Hambones sound like the team is what's left over after the good parts are taken. You could make soup out of them, but you wouldn't serve them to company.

Rhinos was ridiculously irrelevant to Richmond.

So that's my opinion - and putting aside the fact that this is kind of irrelevant to Stamford - what do you think?

(photo from jack_a_daniel, flickr.com)


Streets of Stamford said...

Even for a minor league baseball team, Flying Squirrels is kind of odd. The name doesn't exactly intimidate anybody...

Kevin McKeever said...

C'mon, Rocky! Let's go to Richmond!

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Although technically an opinion, low marks for creativity AHU.

Think of the alternative, Sos. "Oh no - not the rockhoppers - all our stones might get gently skipped upon."