Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Obama coming to Stamford to Laud Dodd

The Advocate reported today that as part of Obama's October 23rd trip to Connecticut, he will be making a stop in our backyard. The President will speak at a fund-raiser for Chris Dodd at the Hilton Stamford Hotel (1 First Stamford Plaza). The article indicates that the time of the appearance was not yet known.


Miguel Heseltine said...

I hear also that he may pop into Curleys for their early bird special. Book your table now to avoid the rush and paprazzi.

Anonymous said...

That would make our Pres. the first person I've ever known to actually eat at Curley's.


Migeul Heseltine said...

me neither. waiting list for a table is currently running on average at 8 months (how Obama got in I don't know but I've sent a 4 page document (titled; Cash for bacon scandel) to the European Court citing potential abuse of power).