Thursday, October 22, 2009

What do Nebraska and Japan have in common?

They are both getting me to work...eventually. The lead story in today's Advocate is that the new Metro-North rail cars start their journey to the New Haven line from Kobe, Japan next week. The Advocate reports that the first 38 cars will come from Japan and 262 will follow out of Lincoln, Nebraska.

Don't expect a fleet of shiny new trains any time soon though. The first few models will be subject to extensive testing. After the initial small shipment, we'll see 10 cars per month in the beginning of 2010. The new cars, called the M-8s, will be spacious and colorful.

Fingers crossed that the bar car comes early. I will bide my time by starting the long and tearful goodbye to the wood print vinyl paneling.

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Orville said...

Are these trains any faster? Will this cut the journey time between Stamford and NYC?