Monday, October 19, 2009

Stamford Studying for its Zero Degree

In the next few weeks, downtown Stamford welcomes a newcomer to 909 Washington Blvd by the name of Hotel Zero Degrees.

We know that there are 97 rooms, 8 floors and a sleek website featuring boatloads of "coming soon"s. The site reveals a few details. For instance, breakfast and Internet access are complimentary. There's a pool and a fitness center. Pets are allowed for a $10/day fee. Beyond that, lots TBD.

They've got a Facebook presence with a bit more info, including a picture and a word on the name's origin as well. Hope to learn more in the coming weeks - fingers crossed for ice sculptures!

(photo from OliBac,


malerie said...

Thanks for the heads up, Notes. Wonder if it's cheap enough for my blog? They've got to be doing SOME promotions soon, right?

patty said...

It's fun to stay at the YMCA.