Sunday, October 25, 2009

Dirty Diamonds are not Forever

When my hand brushed by my ear the other day, I heard a little jingling. The diamond in my engagement ring was, ever so slightly, rattling around in prongs that were no longer doing their job. It wouldn't take much for the diamond to fall out. My diamond jewelry related needs are (sadly) pretty limited, so I had no idea where to go to get it fixed.

To be honest, I picked Grunberger Jewelers out of laziness. I needed UPS and a dry cleaners, and oh look - there's a jewelry store too. Fortunately, they did a lovely job. I hadn't realized (see above reference to laziness) that not only was my ring in need of mechanical work, it also needed detailing. When you wear something every day, you don't realize that it's getting grubby. Gerard, who helped me, did an excellent job explaining my options. After a little thought, I signed up for a full remodel, and when the ring came back to me, it was just gorgeous. The facets are picking up light from all angles and the side diamonds are shining through their snug little platinum home. If and when (fingers crossed) I see an uptick in my luxury jewelry needs, I will certainly go back.

(photo from Swamibu,


Stamford Talk said...

I love Grunberger! They refurbished my 50 year old engagement ring and just in general know their stuff.

anne said...

How lucky; you happened into Stamford's very best jeweler, IMHO. Great, great service.