Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Interesting, If True...

Chris Preovolos made a good point - there are a few other debates on the wanna-be mayors' agenda, including one on the 18th at 10:00am, Temple Sinai, 458 Lakeside Drive. Check out the Michael P and David M websites for more info. Notably, Pavia has proclaimed Oct 17th and 18th "Mike Madness" Days.

More importantly, since Preovolos is no stranger to a good point, I got a pretty nifty set of comments from someone called Orville who said the following:

i noticed a few things this weekend;

1, Galangal lot is no longer for rent. I wonder what is coming.

2, the my gym lot has been filled by a hairdressing unit named for grils like us!

3, Twenty has closed? or has it?

4, Houlihans lights have come back on!! Have they changed their minds?

These are excellent points and they need a little due diligence. If anybody has some insights, let's hear it!


Chris Preovolos said...

I also did notice that the lights at Houlihans have been back on, but I haven't seen any actual people inside (staff or otherwise).

Streets of Stamford said...

I think a bunch of drunken English soccer fans misread the Houlihan's sign and let themselves in.

malerie said...

I can't comment on any of these observations - but I'll look forward to finding out!

Unknown said...

Twenty did finally close after of course, it was no longer Twenty except in name. the diner people assured its death...however the diner people are planning a come back as.... (drum roll please)
A Greek souvloki place (same concept as what did not work at Court Square Cafe for 3 months). Do NOT expect much as they have not contact the HD about anything (as usual).
Houlihans may be a power glitch as no one is supposed to be doing anything there.

Orville said...

One more for the road... I heard a new Italian is coming to bank Street. Will be at end of bank street near Soleil hairdressers -perhaps where the old children's pottery place used to be. Tappo I think it is called. Anyone know anything more on this?

Keith Harris

Breno said...

Yes, TAPPO is the name... culinary from Amalfi Coast. Very experienced restauranteurs Joe and Aldo Criscuolo are the owners. I think it will compete with Market and Barcelona, but it is Italian what makes everything better

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Hi Breno - Thanks so much for letting us know. Any other details? Excited to learn more about TAPPO.