Saturday, April 3, 2010

Uncle Sam Wants Your Vitals

Today I've got my "tisking" finger out to remind Stamford citizens (myself included) to fill out their census forms. Right now, our reporting stats suck out loud.

Our census form was sitting on the kitchen counter for a good two weeks, but I've finally knocked it out. It was ridiculously easy. Because they've allotted space for a billion people living in your household, and basically all they want is your birthday and your race - there's just not that much to it. With a total of two of us in our household, it took me approximately 5 minutes. Civic duty - check.

Ok, tisking finger put away and replaced with bartender attention getting finger.

(photo from Juliana Coutinho,

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malerie said...

Thanks for the community service announcement, Notes. As a practitioner of "touch mail once" - I got my form, filled it out and sent it the next day. Sure, I write Stamfordonthecheap but my TIME is not cheap!!