Saturday, April 10, 2010

City Finance

I keep looking for a reason to think good things about Mayor Pavia. I'm proud to be a city cheerleader and a rabid optimist, but every time I turn around I see the word "Pavia" next to the word "cut." I know that budgets are tight, but we need to have a reason to think that improvements are around the corner for our city. I find the headlines demoralizing. A few of the news items I've seen include,

- Pavia cuts sidewalk construction and repair budget
- Pavia cuts city jobs
- In response to Pavia budget, fireworks cut this year
- Pavia will not fund Town Hall
- Pavia discusses library cuts

Leadership requires more than just tightening purse strings. What has he done to build on the positive attributes of the city? It's not a hypothetical question - I really want to know. Has he explored innovative ways to bring in more income and fulfill the city's potential? Fairfield county is one of the wealthiest areas in the country. There's money out there. People will come out to support the city if you give them a worthwhile reason to do so.

There are things he could do. What about:
- Tax the failure to develop the hole
- Ask local bloggers *throat clearing noise* to help out
- Host a fundraiser for the library or city schools (movie screening, silent auctions, Chelsea Clinton spin class (ok, so that one's a stretch))
- Ask for community input with town halls
- Sell local branded goods (Stamford mug, anyone?)

I'm sure there are a billion other amazing ideas out there more helpful and more creative than cut, cut, cut.


Unknown said...

Ah. but he had the Irish and Columbus day parades!
They were important to him and his salary increase,
No I am not happy.

JT said...

I’m with you. Goes with his promise “We need to run the city like a business”. I read an piece once in response to that hack line stating that government should be thought more along the lines of a non-profit, not a business. We need to look at the overall value of the city, taxes of course being part of that – but not the only factor when everything else starts failing apart. I’m curious where all the waste his campaign was moaning about was. Are we to believe it library & sidewalk funding?

Anonymous said...

I think your ideas are good ones Stamford Notes and would be fun.

Streets of Stamford said...

I agree completely; you can't cut and cut and cut and expect your city/state/country to continue to thrive. Public expenditures are not just fruitless expenditures; they're investments.

That said, I don't envy our public officials, because they are burdened with unreasonable expectations. The general public wants and demands more and more from the government (better schools, road repair, police, fire, etc.) but doesn't want to pay for it.

Now as for calling out your fellow local bloggers...what can we possibly do to help bridge the budget gap??

Unknown said...

Just a quick correction - obviously Mayor Pavia had nothing to do with the Columbus day parade, but he did spend a lot of money on fire and police for the St patty's parade. Just seems out of wack. I think the reality is that he is letting the finance people dictate things and if that is so, he is just a figurehead and really did not need the raise he got.

Strictly Stamford said...

There may be some confusion and parlor tricks going on, check it out -