Wednesday, April 7, 2010


True or false: You have don't need any more business connections or friends and meeting new people totally sucks.

If you said "true," I pity your wrongness.

The correct answer is there's no such thing as too many friends and you can make a few more by checking out the event that a helpful commenter added called "Meet & Mingle" at Hotel Zero Degrees. Join in on April 20th from 5:30-7:30pm.

This event is cool for a couple of reasons:
- Wine
- And cheese!
- You (aka, I) can check out Hotel Zero Degrees without shelling out any money to stay in a town where you already pay good money to live.
- Two words: gift bags. First 100 people get 'em.
- One other different word: prizes!
- Somehow bingo is involved (not sure if that makes it cool or lame)

RSVP for the event by April 9th by calling 203-363-7900 or emailing

(photo from D Sharon Pruitt,


Melissa said...

Easy for an extrovert to say!!! ;)


Streets of Stamford said...

Great - I kept quiet about this so I could improve my chances of getting a gift bag, and now you've gone and blabbed! I'll get you, Stamford Notes!!!!!!