Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bedford Brainstorm - What about a Spa?

Bedford needs a new attraction that will bring people out in the snow. It needs a little intrigue, a destination.

The Agora Spa is not far away, but there's something inaccessible about parking in a (controversial) hotel parking complex and weaving your way through a lobby dripping with businessmen and brass fixtures toward a floating concrete box.

What about a spa on Bedford? I'm talking nature sounds and neutral paint schemes. Mysterious rooms, heated stones, water with lemon. The whole 9 yards.

I would go. I would go a lot, and I think that you would too.


Anonymous said...

I think a real day spa on Bedford is a GREAT idea! I go to Noelle on High Ridge once in a while, and it's great, but a spa with a slightly more urban vibe (maybe some exposed brick and duct work, along with the ocean sounds) would be something I'd definitely be interested in, and others would too.

pastor666 said...

One thing i've always thought that Stamford was lacking was a good live music venue (for bands...not the symphony or big name arena-fillers). Rack n Roll tries, but doesn't have a full calendar. I'd love something that hosts local and touring acts on their way north to Boston from New York. It would be even better if they offered some 18+ and all-ages shows once or twice a week to give the teenagers something to do besides the mall.

JT said...

Rock Club, agreed - although Butterfield took the spot that makes the most sense.