Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Stamford Restaurant Week

Do you like food? How about food that just got cheaper? You do?! Then you, my friend, are in luck.

Stamford Restaurant Week is underway NOW! February 21st to March 7th, you can get a sweet deal on a good meal at the following places:

-Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar ($20.10 lunch; $30.10 dinner)
-Bennett’s Restaurant ($20.10 lunch; $30.10 dinner)
-Black Bear Saloon ($10.10 lunch; $15.10 dinner)
-Bradford's Grill & Tavern ($10.10 lunch; $20.10 dinner)
-BUtterfield 8 Restaurant & Lounge ($10.10 lunch; $20.10 dinner)
-The Capital Grille ($20.10 lunch; $30.10 dinner)
-Columbus Park Trattoria ($20.10 lunch; $30.10 dinner)
-Emme of Capri ($20.10 lunch; $30.10 dinner)
-Ferrante ($20.10 lunch; $30.10 dinner)
-Grand Restaurant ($30.10 dinner)
-Kona Grill ($20.10 lunch; $30.10 dinner)
-Kujaku Japanese Restaurant ($10.10 lunch; $15.10 dinner)
-Market Restaurant ($20.10 lunch; $30.10 dinner)
-Mitchell's Fish Market ($20.10 lunch; $30.10 dinner)
-Remo's Brick Oven Pizza ($10.10 lunch; $20.10 dinner)
-SBC Restaurant & Brewery ($10.10 lunch; $15.10 dinner)
-Telluride ($20.10 lunch; $30.10 dinner)
-Tengda Asian Bistro ($10.10 lunch; $20.10 dinner)
-Tigin's Irish Pub & Restaurant ($10.10 lunch; $15.10 dinner)

You'll find menus and other information at the link above, a "minisite" from the Downtown Stamford Special Services District. Cheers!

(photo from moriza, flickr.com)


Anonymous said...

Fyi, Barcelona in Stamford now has churros!!! Which they'd been lacking up till now. Reason enough to go for a visit, if you ask me.

Glenbrook Laura

TK said...

We went to Telluride earlier in the week to check out their restaurant week specials. They neglected to give us the restaurant week menu, so we had to ask for one. We noticed that the same thing happened to another table. Don't be shy about inquiring into the restaurant week menu!