Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lonely Hearts Pub

The other day, my buddy JR (the evil genius behind Streets of Stamford) forwarded me an email with the subject line "Reality Dating." I responded saying "saw the subject line and deleted - guess I should give more of a crap..." (To which he aptly replied " a crap is overrated.").

Apparently the subject matter is not just idle internet grossness, but an actual attempt to respond to the scourge of sucky Valentine's Days.

On February 10th at 7pm, you can go to Bradford's Tavern and take advantage of the latest in matchmaking technology for free! It works like this:
- Come in the door.
- Have your information entered into a computer.
- You will be matched up with someone suitable (or hopefully suitable) for you in the room.
- You will have a little 5 minute date with your (arguably) perfect pair.
- You choose whether you want to pursue it.

If you meet someone fabulous - great! If not - well, you got your money's worth.

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