Sunday, February 28, 2010

Move Your Money

There's an interesting story from CBS Sunday Morning today about an initiative called Move Your Money. It's a grassroots effort to end the era of banks that are too big to fail and bonuses that are too big to believe.

The link above takes you to a short video juxtaposing George Bailey's "It's a Wonderful Life" community banking virtues and Mr. Potter's unbridled greed with today's equivalent. The Move Your Money website itself does a better job than I will explaining why community banking makes sense, and gives users suggestions for community banks in their home town. For a list of community banks in Stamford, click here.

(photo from alancleaver_2000,


Streets of Stamford said...

I saw the same story! It does sound appealing to stick it to Bank of America and go with the proverbial little guy.

Anonymous said...

anyone notice yet that the little guys are racking up the same ugly track record as the big guys? see the unending list of bank failures in the link below. most all of the failed banks are of the small variety.

i suggest you find a bank the best serves you in all facets of life and not strictly by the notion smaller is better. it maybe, and it may not be.