Friday, January 29, 2010

Slim Gym Info

An astute reader wrote me to find out whether or not the YMCA was a good choice for a gym. The truth is, I have no idea...but maybe you do. The website features badly composed pictures of cute kids swimming and smiling, which is fine and good, but not technically helpful.

There is also a Facebook page with recent photos of a renovation, but not a lot of details. The FB discussion page has questions, but no answers. It seems to me that someone must know something - if it's you...speak up! Don't make me have to do actual work.


Silli said...

Ha ha ha. It is true that the Y has not been very forthcoming with their information! Originally the word was that their new lobby would open in January and they would open membership at that time- but renovation just begun last week with a ready time sometime in March. So I have to assume that memberships will now be open in March or April of this year.
I'm hoping it will turn out to be a good place, because now that NYSC at Landmark Square has closed down it is the only downtown gym option.

Silli said...

I just got a note that the Y is now open for membership!
" The Stamford Family YMCA is open for business even during our renovations although Mid March is our target date for "re-opening". Many people have inquired about when they can join and the answer is NOW! Please e-mail for membership information. Thanks as always for your continued support."

Anonymous said...

Thanks Silli for posting this update! Are you a member? Do you like it there?

Silli said...

Oh, man! the YMCA is not actually open for membership yet, despite their note to the contrary. We have to wait another month at least.

On a related note, tenants at Landmark Square now have the option of working out the old NYSC, now run by building management. You have to be an employee of a Landmark Square tenant to join, the pool is closed, and for now, there are no classes, but at $30/month it's a pretty good deal.

West Coast transplant said...

That's a bummer about the old NYSC at Landmark. I was hoping 24 Hour fitness would open their first Connecticut location there!

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

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