Thursday, January 21, 2010

The City that Works in the Film Industry

Stamford has been ranked #6 among the "10 Best Cities To Live, Work & Make Movies in 2010," according to Movie Maker Magazine. The publication quoted the publication's press release saying that the rankings take into account,

a swarm of factors: Cost of living, employment opportunities, housing costs, crime rates and quality of life, state and city financial incentives, access to talent, size and closeness of the local moviemaking community, ease of shooting (i.e. amount of red tape), local production resources and movie-related vendors, exposure to other moviemakers and film sets, educational opportunities and number of local screening options, including film festivals.

Interesting...a lil' searching around and this list of movies made in Stamford pops up. A few thoughts on it:

-What does it mean when they say "The Office: US Version (2005) (Australia)?"
-I particularly enjoy the fact that there are movie listings from 1910 and 1915.
-My choice for favorite title: "The Horror of Party Beach"

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malerie said...

I like The Curse of the Living Corpse myself.

Scott said...

"The Office: US Version (2005) (Australia)" means that The Office is called The Office: US Version in Australia...or at least it was in 2005.

The show wasn't so much filmed in Stamford as it was set in Stamford. Our fair city was featured in a few exterior shots, but all of the funny show stuff was filmed in the second best place to film movies, Los Angeles.

Streets of Stamford said...

Of course L.A. is the best place to be when you're talking strictly about making movies, but adding the "place to live" factor makes this an interesting list.

That said, my only critique would be that the list is kind of misleading: sure, Albuquerque is beautiful, but how many movies are actually filmed there? And even if there are a ton, most of them are then edited, etc., back in L.A. In other words, if you want to get into the film industry, don't move to any of these cities - you still have to move to L.A.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Looks like the answer - at least according to imdb - is 351 films have been made in Albuquerque - see,+New+Mexico,+USA