Saturday, January 23, 2010

Birds on your Bumper

Attorney General Blumenthal released an opinion in October determining that the state diverted over $100,000 from a fund earmarked for a Long Island Sound license plate project to the general fund. That money was restored soon thereafter, but a similar situation involving license plate funds to support local wildlife, animal control and greenways was not resolved.

It's in this climate that the Attorney General has called for the return of those funds, and Audubon CT agrees. The Executive Director and Vice President of Audubon CT, Tom Baptist, explains that:

The monies generated by Connecticut's Wildlife Conservation License Plate are the only source of funding dedicated to nongame wildlife - - animals that are not hunted such as migratory songbirds and shorebirds- - in Connecticut. The Wildlife Plate provides critical match for available federal funds that together support DEP's nongame wildlife programs statewide.

Apparently CT ranks at the bottom of the barrel with respect to investment in wildlife preservation, and the license plate money can help change that statistic.

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Stamford Market News said...

Did you know there is a bird sanctuary right here in Stamford? It's called the Chestnut Hill Bird Sanctuary. You can view it on Google Maps here: