Tuesday, January 5, 2010

My Giant

When I was young, circa 1985, Richmond VA (my home town) built the Diamond - it was the fancy new stadium that would be home to Richmond's farm team for the Atlanta Braves (aka, the Richmond Braves).

It was also home to a giant statue of a Native American man climbing up and out from a wall of the building. He was massive - especially to the kid version of me - with his face and hands stretching 25 feet wide!

Fast forward a few years and Richmond lost its farm team, but gained a new one in the former Norwich Defenders. That team is now the Richmond Flying Squirrels, and the Native American statue needs a new home. What's the big guy's name, you might ask? Apparently - it's Connecticut! So says Richmond's local CBS 6 - I had no idea!

Anyhoo...Connecticut the statue may now be headed to Connecticut the state (see article linked above). I'm looking forward to seeing my old buddy. I'm sure there are well-founded objections to him, but in my defense, that dude is cool! He's a giant, giant guy climbing out of a building!

(photo from haaaley, flickr.com)

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