Monday, September 12, 2011

Goodbye and Hello!


I was so sad to hear that Telluride has closed its doors. If you click on their website, it says "account suspended." Say it ain't so! 

I'd bestowed the title of Best Whiskey Sour on them a while back. Now where will we go for the perfect balance of booze and fruit garnish served in just the right glass? 

It was also a perfect spot to grab a bite before an Avon movie, bring your in-laws for a fancy/rustic dinner and enjoy a lovely lobster salad business lunch. They gave me quite a few food-n-drink inspired smiles, and I will miss them acres and tons.  


As we say goodbye to Telluride in the food world, we have a new neighbor to welcome in the art world. Franklin Street Works (41 Franklin Street) is a shiny new not-for-profit art space here in our corner of the world. I can't wait to see what they offer!!

They are rolling out the red carpet for the rest of us on September 22nd with a reception from 5-8pm to jump start their very first exhibit called "Fernando." Running until November 13, 2011, the exhibit includes artwork by Trisha Baga, Lukas Geronimas, and Mads Lynnerup.

The group's Creative Director, Terri C Smith, tells me the exhibit is "informed, in part, by the organization's location in the city of Stamford and its unique position as a new alternative art space." Locally inspired vision - how exciting!

 There will also be a street food extravaganza on Saturday, October 22nd from noon to 6pm.

Learn more about Franklin Street Works on their Facebook page.

(photo from where are the joneses,


Unknown said...

Hmmm...I only ate at Telluride once & it was great! (A bit expensive, though). I had it on my 'list to eat at again' and I don't have many on that list. I miss the Rusty Scupper & La Hacienda/Don Emilio's downtown for great Mexican food. The Crabshell is always good for a treat, too. Stamford's a-changin'...and I pray for the 'better'! Blessings-Rev. Barb

Orville said...

Madeira has gone too. A pizza restaurant is opening where the spider cafe once was. Also a nightclub has opened on Atlantic called elite.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure it closed? Sometimes the websites say "account suspended" if the owner fails to pay their web hosting happens often..

Unknown said...

Well, if a business cannot afford to pay it's webhosting people, that is bad news, indeed. I feel very badly for all who are losing their homes, jobs, shops, restaurants and more. Personally I don't need a 'fancy website' to determine whether or not a concern is something I want to patronize or not...So Telluride can always use a 'less-pricey' Web platform and I'm sure EVERYONE, but everyone would surely understand & still patronize the place. Blessings-Rev. Barb

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Sadly it's true - they've pried the letters off the side of the building and everything! Thanks Orville and Rev. Barbara for always having something interesting to add to the conversation!