Monday, September 5, 2011

Kick off Next Weekend with Karaoke

Kiss all your lazy summer days with their hurricane prep and surprise earthquakes goodbye! They packed up the summer series sculptures, Labor Day showed up and it's time to admit that autumn snuck up on you. Thankfully, G/R/A/N/D has just the thing to make you feel better. How about live karaoke??!!?? Honestly, that's pretty sweet.
This Thursday from 9pm to 1am, G/R/A/N/D (15 Bank Street) gets the cover band Bliss on stage, and welcomes you to make a complete ass out of yourself rock the stage. You can come and sing OR you can come with your musical weapon of choice: guitar, drums or base (pretty sure they provide the drums unless you plan to bongo it out). Dry your death-of-summer tears with a little rock and roll plus $4 drinks from 9-11pm. Not a bad way to start your fall. (photo from hugochisholm,

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