Saturday, July 9, 2011

Saturday Self Soothing

Today was rough, and I needed a night out. So my husband and I treated ourselves to dinner and a movie. Gotta get in as many dates as we can before the bambino comes on the scene!

It was a lover-ly evening that started out at Capriccio Cafe. I had the crab cake salad. Apparently, avocado is a mood enhancer. It certainly doesn't hurt to serve it up with succulent crab, tomatoes, corn and seasonal leafy greens. Light fare outside in the afternoon sun is perfection.

We then ventured down to the theater on Summer to see Horrible Bosses. I needed a little comic relief, and it scratched exactly that itch. Charlie Day has some sort of comedic Midas touch. Even watching him freak out singing to The Ting Tings is funny.

It was definitely a pick-me-up, and made me feel better. Feel free to copy my recipe for swinging your mood back into the right direction.

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Anonymous said...

Having downtown Stamford as a walkable entity is stupendous. I also recommend the gelato at Volta if you're a having a spectacularly bad day.