Sunday, July 31, 2011

T I R E D . . . but anyway . . .

The thing about brewing a kid in your mid-section is that it takes all the extra energy you had floating around and crumbles it up in a little ball and throws it in the incinerator. BUT that is neither here nor there, and when I can rally to write something useful, I WILL!

I was sort of destroyed on the big day, which means I was a very bad friend and missed the opening party for the Thank You Stamford event at the Fernando Luis Alvarez Gallery, but the artists who made the cut are on display until September 4th. The show is made up of Stamford artists, local grown talent - which makes it right up my alley. The really exciting bit for me is that my partner in crime for last October's Cans and Cocktails charity event, the man behind We Can't Stop, is one of the masterminds on display. He's a crazy talented guy - and I'm sure he's in good company. Check him out!

In other news, I couldn't help but notice that the Holiday Inn just off Grove has changed hands. All the green turned brown and it's now got a big fat Sheraton Hotel logo front and center. Kinda interesting!

In other, other news, my friends and I went to Zaza's the other day. I had high hopes for the decor and the food - and I wasn't disappointed. I like the black/white/red sophisticated vibe. I like the comfy, central bench seating. The glass wall and the slate of outdoor seating was charming. I ordered a house salad and the California pizza, and both were tremendous. Just typing California pizza makes me start to drool again...avocado, lime, arugula, shrimp...ridiculous.

However, as cute and friendly as our waiter was, there's a lot of room for improvement. I arrived first, and when he asked if I'd like bread while I waited, I said no thanks. Minutes later, there was the bread. Alrighty. When my friends arrived, we all ordered salads, but only two came out at first. Our waiter asked if we'd like the dressing on the side when he took the order (not even our request), and we said yes...which somehow translated into dressed salad with a bowl of extra dressing. Uhh...what? Then maybe 15 minutes later came another salad - after we'd said don't worry about it - we'll split these two. The third salad amazingly did have the dressing on the side. But the pizzas made everything better with their universally acknowledged fabulousness. Yum, yum, yum.

Well, that's about all I can muster...but I'll be back, citizens!

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