Wednesday, July 6, 2011

If I Had A Hammer...

I'd go see him! Don't forget that your favorite Taco Bell spokesrapper, MC Hammer, is in YOUR backyard TOMORROW! Did all your dreams just come true? He's won 3 Grammys, he's sold 20 million albums (ok, maybe not recently...), and he's spent decades being too legit to quit. If that doesn't get you out the do', I don't know what will. He's here for Alive @ 5 and you can see him at Columbus Park for $10 starting at 5pm.

I couldn't bring myself to say "hey, John Tesh is coming" - but he did - as part of a very cool new summer event here in Stamford. There are four weeks of jazz at the same Columbus Park concert stage on:

- July 13, featuring Marion Meadows
- July 20, featuring Joyce DiCamillo and Maydie Myles
- July 27, featuring the amazing Roberta Flack and Ralph MacDonald with Dennis Collins & Friends

All shows are underway at 6:30pm; admission is free for all but the legendary Ms. Flack, whose show will run you ten bucks.

In other news, my husband and I are expecting our first child in December - just found out we'll be parents to a baby boy - so that's cool!

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I'd claim you buried the lede there, but I gotta admit that MC Hammer in Stamford this week is headline worthy.