Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stamford Winter 2011 Restaurant Week Has Arrived!

Starting TODAY, Restaurant Week is underway. I didn't do the numbers, but it seems like more restaurants than ever have signed on this time around. Here's what you can expect:

$10.11 lunch specials and $15.11 dinner specials at:
- Black Bear Saloon
- Bobby Valentine's Sports Gallery Cafe
- Capriccio Cafe (which is good even without the summertime patio)
- Kujaku Japanese Restaurant
- Lola's Mexican Kitchen
- Remo's Pizza Company (which makes me smile; Mon-Thurs)
- SBC Downtown Restaurant and Brewery

$15.11 lunch specials and $25.11 dinner specials at:
- Chez Jean-Pierre (Sun-Fri)
- Kotobuki Japanese Restaurant
- Quattro Pazzi (Sun-Thurs)
- Riviera Maya Mexican Restaurant Correction! They do have a website!
- Tendga Asian Bistro (which we went to Friday and had a wonderful time)

$20.11 lunch specials and $30.11 dinner specials at:
- Aria Restaurant (Sun-Fri)*
- Barcelona Restaurant & Wine Bar
- Capital Grille* (somehow, we've still never been)
- Columbus Park Trattoria
- Emme of Capri*
- EOS Greek Cuisine (Sun-Thurs)
- napa & co. (lunch only)
- Market Restaurant
- Mitchell's Fish Market
- Morton's Steakhouse (dinner only)
- Telluride (which makes the best whiskey sour in Stamford)

Every restaurant (except the "*"s) is participating in a program called KIDS' FANS that - according to their snazzy flier - promotes nutrition and fitness for kids. Participating restaurants will offer children 12 and under lunch for $6.95 and dinner for $9.95.

Another cool perk for restaurant week: if you take advantage of Winter Restaurant Week, you'll receive a coupon for a small popcorn at the Avon (which is worth $4.50!). Sweet!

More info is available at the Stamford SDSSD website.

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Anonymous said...

Now that I've found you, I'm checking in to say, "great job!" Keep up the good work! I also agree that Tengda was fresh and delicious on Friday night but it was the company that truly made it great. -Laura

Little J said...

Riviera Maya actually does have their own website -

stamfordnotes said...

Thanks Laura!!! You = the best.

Very helpful, Little J - I'll be sure to update the ref

Miss Mikelah said...

I always forget about Restaurant week! Last time I went Tigin, think i'll try a new spot!

What's on the Menu? said...

Hi there, I wanted to let you know that I've linked to this post and added your site to my links page on my new site: Always love to find more Stamford-folk out there! :)

stamfordnotes said...

Thanks everybody!