Monday, December 6, 2010

Discuss with Stamford Plus

Wanna know more about me? Stamford Plus was kind enough to write a little sumpin sumpin about moi. There is a Q&A and a few pictures. They did a nice job and were a pleasure to work with. You can't see it online (or at least I haven't figured out how!) so pick up the paper copy and check it out.

I showed the magazine to some of my friends today, and I love my friends - mostly for their honesty. Here's a sampling of the response:

- Whoa!
- What is wrong with you?
- Stamford Plus - is that like for fat people or something?
- Cute!
- Why are there four seasons of you?
- What's up with the polar bear? (yup - there's sort of a polar bear)
- You look sexy - you're going to get a stalker now (yikes)
- You look ridiculous
- Is your husband really tall or are you really short? (it's both)
- Your husband is adorable! (hands off, lady!)

Anyhoo...the whole thing made me smile. Thanks Stamford Plus (which, for the record, is for people of all sizes). Pick up a copy and feel free to leave your own two cents about it.


Rob said...

I didn't know that magazine was still around. I used to get it but it stopped coming and I never got a renewal notice. I thought it went out of business like the first attempt of a local magazine did.

Anonymous said...

Stamford Plus magazine is very much alive and well,,,,a very honest and down to earth coverage of the people of Stamford and more...check out their on line community website
awesome...Stamford Notes,,,I love you too..great to see the face behind...

Sarah said...

I think you have to subscribe in order to receive it. I've been getting it and it seems to be coming better and better with every issue. :) Btw, I like Barcelona too as one of my favorite places ;)

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Thanks everybody! Yes indeed, Stamford Plus is very much alive and well and doing a fantastic job.

Anonymous said...

So now I know the infamous StamfordNotes founder and author. StamfordPlus did a fabulous job for you -- congratulations! They say any publicity is good publicity. And in your case, it was terrific. Good luck!

As for StamfordPlus, as an advertising agency located in Fairfield County, all I can say is StamfordPlus and its sister publications and online versions remain wonderful sources for readers, and a targeted outlet for advertisers.

A toast to both StamfordNotes and StamfordPlus -- may 2011 bring notoriety and wealth to you both.

An avid reader of local news

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Thanks for the kind comments Rob, Sarah, Anon and Anon!