Thursday, December 9, 2010

Hola Lola!

An astute reader just left the following comment:

Lolas opened this evening and I went in for dinner and the place is amazing. Best Mexican in Fairfield County.

It looked pretty swish when I peeked into the window at 135 Bedford Street, and I'm excited to see what they offer. Their website is not yet super helpful, but I reserve the rights to be stoked about this first piece of feedback and hopeful for some new local fabulousness.

Anybody else go yet? If so, let us know!


UnsatisfiedMind said...

Awesome news, that'll be dinner tomorrow!

Unknown said...

I will need to be convinced since the only place i have liked recently (for sit down) is only Mexican inspired in Greenwich(Byram).
I have been terribly disappointed in all of the recent Stamford offerings

UnsatisfiedMind said...

Went for dinner tonight and enjoyed it. Their taqueria menu (3 tacos for $8) is an excellent value as are their margarita pitchers.

The restaurant has a vibe similar to its sister across the street, BUtterfield 8. Very contemporary and comfortable.

I can definitely see making this place a regular stop, but I don't think it's going to satify anyone who's looking for a true Mexican restaurant. In my opinion the menu's not quite Tex-Mex and not quite authentically Mexican. It's perhaps best described as Mexican-inspired with a reasonable smattering of the traditional Mexican food dishes we all expect.

That said, the food we had was all very good and the service was top notch. We'll be back, and probably soon.

Anonymous said...

tried yesterday but not open for lunch yet..looks awesome though from the outside.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Thanks for the input everyone!!