Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holiday Hair

Simona La Gatta at Pirri Hair Group in Greenwich (181 Greenwich Avenue) contacted me to ask if I’d be interested in sharing a few of her tips for what to do – and not to do – with your hair for the holidays. I’m always eager to learn about local businesses and they have a pretty groovy website, so it seemed like a fun idea to me. She suggests that you:


- Let your head go frosty because you live in fear of the dreaded hat hair. Avoiding hair static is easy - just leave in a little conditioner instead of rinsing it all out in the shower.

- Over wash your colortreated hair. Skip at least a day between washings; two is even better. Over washing strips out color and is hard even on hair that is not processed.

- Get swept up in seasonal trends that you’ll regret later. Red and green highlights are never cute on January 2!


- Consider trying some of the season's hottest hair colors -- warm tones, red tones, and natural-looking highlights that frame the face.

- Complement your skin color with natural looking highlights instead of brassy tones.

- Give your hair the holiday gift of an intensive conditioning treatment or glaze. It will repay you by being healthy and gorgeous.

Want more? There are some other good tips on the websites for Allure, Real Simple, Elle and More.

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Anonymous said...

Leave some conditioner in, huh? Simple enough. I'm going to give that a shot!

Anonymous said...

Simona has been coloring my hair for years...she is awesome! Love the salon too.


Anonymous said...

I've heard great things about Simona's color skills - nice to see that word is spreading. Will have to check her out at Pirri.

Anonymous said...

I work with Simona and not only is she a great colorist but a great coworker too :) Cool Blog Simona!! *Dena*