Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Summer 2010 Restaurant Week

It's back! Summer Restaurant Week runs from August 22nd to September 5th. The Stamford Downtown Special Services District Mini-Site has all the great details, including links to full menus. This year, participating restaurants are:
- Black Bear
- Kujaku
- Tiernan's
- BUtterfield8
- Capriccio
- Kotobuki
- Quattro Pazzi
- Remo's
- Tengda
- Aria
- Barcelona
- Capital Grille
- Chez Jean Pierre
- Columbus Park
- Emme of Capri
- Market Restaurant
- Mitchell's Fish Market
- Morton's
- napa
- Siena
- Telluride

(photo from DiscoverDuPage,


Streets of Stamford said...

I know I might sound like a hater, but I still think $20.10 for lunch and $30.10 for dinner isn't really that much of a bargain.

Now $10.10 for lunch is a bargain!

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

I see your point for lunch...but dinner's not so bad!