Tuesday, August 10, 2010


That's the approximate number of robocalls my husband and I got about the Connecticut primary while we were away. There were lobbying cancer patients. There were jobless advocates. There were impassioned first person pleas. We route our home phone to our cell phone, so we got messages on all fronts.

I wonder what the candidates think this accomplishes? Here's what it did for us: annoy us to the point of distraction. I could not press "delete" fast enough. I took note of who bothered us on our vacation and made sure to hate them for it.

After excessive finger bruising from all the phone message deleting, I got to the train station to collect scrap after scrap of promotional paperwork. The best was the woman who didn't remember handing her pamphlet to me the first time and gave me two duplicates, reintroducing herself each time. I know she is a volunteer. I know that she cares about her candidate. However, she did everyone a disservice by proving to me that simply wasn't paying attention.

Candidates, it's not enough to say the words "I care" or print them on a glossy flier. If you want my vote, back it up by respecting my time.

(photo from Ballistik Coffee Boy, flickr.com)

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