Tuesday, August 24, 2010

All Clear for Beer

Or so it seems. It's looking like the Metro North bar cars are here to stay. Hooray! According to the New Haven Register, the results of the survey conducted by the Connecticut Rail Commuter Council are in and 90% of people want the bar car to stay. The powers that be are paying attention. The Register reports that James Cameron, chairman of the council commented: "While a little anachronistic, I think they’ll last."

It was surprising to me to hear that 82% of people said they use the bar cars when their train has one. How is that even possible? I wonder if the folks who bothered to fill out the survey did so on a mission to save the bar car...which may or may not be why I personally filled it out. *guilty blush*

Really, I don't use the bar car all that much, but I love the novelty. That and on a few sweltering days, after dashing for the closing doors, I have thanked my lucky stars for a seltzer water on ice. Granted, the bar car is a little "meat markety," but it's nice to hear people actually talk. The rest of the train is click, click, click of Blackberries and "I'm judging you" glances. Personally, I'd rather have a drink and make a friend.

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