Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Immigration Frustration

Wednesday night, July 21st at 7:30pm at the Avon, check out a new documentary called 9500 Liberty. It chronicles the debate over immigration through the microcosm of Prince William County, Virginia where the powers that be adopted a law allowing police officers to question anyone they suspected of being an illegal immigrant.

The new law, nearly identical to the one recently passed in Arizona, resulted in a fierce community battle. The controversy is fueled by fear, racial tension and the Internet, and the film highlights the impact of those forces on local government.

After the film, there will be a Q&A with producer Chris Rigopulos and immigration attorney Philip Berns.

(photo from Beverly & Pack, flickr.com)


pastor666 said...

It's a shame that the immigration debate has been reduced to, in effect, the border between the US and Mexico. The entire process is broken. Like anything else, when you make something difficult enough to do legally, people will find a way to do it illegally.

As someone who is currently going through the K-1 visa process (aka "Petition for Alien Fiancee" aka "the Fiancee Visa") - I know what it takes to do it legally. Years of waiting, hours of red tape and paperwork, and thousands of dollars in fees to the US government and lawyers.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Good points - Thanks for adding that to the discussion.