Monday, July 19, 2010

Is CNN Money Calling You a Gold Digger?

CNN Money is a big fan of lists. They bring you lists like "Best Places to Live" and "Best Home Values." As Stamford Downtown Events noted, Stamford made the cut for one of the best places to live, but we made another list too. Stamford is number 24 out of 25 on the list of "Best Places for the Rich and Single." They start out by saying "We're not saying you're a gold digger. But you could follow the money to these 25 affluent cities, where singles are abundant."

No digging for me, thanks, but I thought that was pretty interesting given the comments on an earlier post. In it, I asked where all the single men were in Stamford. One comment I got back was, "They're not hiding under a rock, they're hiding on one. It's very large. The locals call it Manhattan. The vast majority of desirable men living in Stamford are already hitched. It's why we moved out of NYC in the first place." So what's the definition of "vast majority?" I'm not sure it's 69.1%, and yet CNN Money says 30.9% of us are flying solo. Huh.

Gold digging aside, I wonder how those numbers make sense. Are all those single folks women? Are the "vast majority" of the single people undatable? I wrote the first post inspired by a friend who is ridiculously datable (and as a result, wasn't single for long). Which one is Stamford? Region of ringlessness or hideaway of the hitched?


Malerie said...

Perhaps CNN is calculating from pre-school up. I know a few single Bar Mitzva boys!

Silli said...

Lots of the "single" folks I know are actually in committed relationships. One gets a job in CT, one in NY, and they end up living in Stamford.

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Good points, ladies - I hope they didn't count the Jonas Brothers set - but I guess they can't screen out the non aisle-walking daters.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, I've had better luck dating in Stamford than in NYC. Still haven't found a keeper, though...anyone know someone for me? ;)