Monday, July 26, 2010

Commuter's Lament

Day is done and traveling home is where adventure starts
In some ways fun - in others not - it's all part of the depart

The people watching is great; second to absolutely none
But evening is when the hairdos and the nerves are all coming undone

I'm scanning the monitor again and again
And it's still not too clear which train is coming when

It's hot and sweaty out on the platform
It's definitely hotter than regular warm

I try to figure out precisely where to stand
But the doors are far away and completely out of hand

Once on board, you never know precisely what you'll see
With any luck, that smell you smell is something other than pee

Once I saw blue liquid squishing on the floor
It oozed itself both back and forth, from seats and door to door

Once there was a pile of barf all covered in newsprint
Hope somebody offered that person a Tic Tac or a mint

Once there was a drunk guy making gestures most obscene
No worries - tomorrow I'll recover with a big dose of caffeine!

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