Monday, November 14, 2011

Write What You Know

photo from Aidan Jones,
They say you should write what you know. The problem with that is that all I know recently is what it feels like to be a human planet. Eight and a half months into my first pregnancy, what I don't know is basically anything else.  So it means I've had nothing interesting to say for a little while.

BUT I'm trying to change my wicked ways, citizens, by bringing you a nice juicy networking event scheduled for tomorrow.

The M.O.D. group, which stands for Motivation + Opportunities + Drive = Success (and who I've blogged about before a few times) is hosting a see-what's-in-store-for-2012 event at Black Bear (261 Main St) tomorrow (Tuesday, November 15th). The event is designed for young local professionals, free of charge and promises acres of networking opportunities. Not a bad thing in this economy where every connection matters. There will be a raffle (what for...they didn't say...) and drink specials of $3 for the duration of the event: 7-9pm.

Check it out and see what people look like off line (except, not me...I'll be busy whining about wearing a bowling ball - I wouldn't want to network with me right now...).

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