Saturday, May 28, 2011

Lola's Take 2

So my friends and I went on an undercover mission this past week to Lola's Mexican Kitchen (135 Bedford Street) to see if they could do a little better than last time around. I don't think they knew it was me, and my husband checked out the other tables and found that we were all just about in the same boat.'d they do?

Much better! The size of my party changed, and the waiter was very accommodating and helpful about it. Gone were the days of sitting around twiddling my thumbs waiting for my water glass to be filled. Our waiter was prompt, attentive and altogether charming.

After some helpful menu suggestions, when the food came, we were pleasantly surprised. One friend raved about the salmon special. Another noted that the tacos were solid and, while not necessarily authentic, the taste wasn't muddled with too much cheese and sour cream. She gave them high marks, and the same held true for the quesadillas. The chips still seem slightly stale, but MUCH better than last time around. Even the place settings seemed more attractive.

All the food came out at the same time too, which was a nice surprise. There was a lot of inconsistency last time around, and the wait was far too long. This time it seemed much more reasonable.

The atmoshpere was fun, upscale, clean and festive. None of that is so different from last time around. They've always gotten good feedback on atmoshpere. It's attractive, interesting and altogether well done. We all liked that it wasn't too "theme-y" - in other words - no psudo hacienda with piƱatas and such. Modern sophistocation is refreshing.

No review is worth its salt without some constructive criticism. One friend wished they offered Sauvignon Blanc by the glass, but she was reasonably happy with her Chardonnay substitute. One friend said the sangria could be a little better (too "syrupy"), and arrived with too much ice. On the other hand, the mojitos were a hit!

We paid using an irritatingly large number of credit cards, and the waiter didn't seem bothered in the least.

All told, we had an excellent time, and I'm thrilled to report that Lola's is moving in the right direction. One friend said that Lola's was just what she was looking for in a fun Mexican restaurant. Another friend agreed, and they both said that Lola's filled a void in the neighborhood. I'll definitely go back and hope to see you there.

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Unknown said...

Good to hear about Lola's, I am still stuck in Byram at Lolita's ( a mexican inspired place) never been disapointed!