Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dining Options Coming Soon...and Already Here!

One thing I've always liked about Stamford is our restaurant offerings. Either they're good, or they don't stick around all that long and then there's something new and exciting in its place. So what's around the bend...or already here? Here are a few things you might enjoy in new local dining options.

- Bartaco. I am REALLY looking forward to this one! Their Port Chester location is already open, and I've heard nothing but good things. Their extensive wine menu is nearly as appealing as their summery cocktail list. How does this sound: "Rosita: Hibiscus Infused Gran Centenario Reposado + Rosemary + Pear Nectar + Cranberry." I'll take 6! You can even get a choice of tequila flights. They have a clever "taco" and "not taco" selection, and you wouldn't believe the options. Tacos include thai shrimp, spicy chorizo, portobello with queso fresco and even things like tripe and tongue! You can get set prices of taco trays or sides of grilled corn with lime, cayenne and cotija cheese or plantains. That's just a small sampling. Can't wait to see the rest of it - on my plate!

- Tasti-D-Lite. Located at 211 Main Street, our newest yogurt shop is now open - perfect for summer! They're all over NYC, and they feature flavors like Banana 'n Peanut Butter, Blueberry Cheesecake, Dulce de Leche and Red Velvet Cake. AND many of their offerings are healthy. You can see nutritional info for each flavor on the website.

- Bar Rosso (it's already here!) It's the brain child of the same folks who brought you Napa & Co., and it promises to offer a modern spin on Italian classics served in an upscale environment with a wall of natural cut rock and sky-high ceilings. The Stamford Advocate reports that whereas Napa is designed to attract a more mature audience, Bar Rosso is supposed to appeal to a younger crowd. The owners will be experimenting with live music and a DJ.

- ZAZA Italian Gastrobar. As CTbites reports, the new spot with the infamous poster is on the cusp of opening its doors - like this month! The tile work on the outside looks stylish, as do the bright red chandeliers (very Tavern on the Green). CTbites reports some exciting things, including brick oven pizza, 26 Italian Tapas, freshly made pasta, and a wide selection of beer and wine. Their write-up is fabulous, so be sure to check it out.

- Volta Gelateria Creperia. Stamford Talk has the scoop - and she got it from a very cool new blog called OmNomCT. Volta will be just next door to the new Bar Rosso. It's brought to you by the geniuses behind Capriccio - which I adore! - and will offer outdoor seating, and just as the name suggests, gelato and crepes! There will also be salads and sandwiches perfect for warm weather dining. Volta and Bar Rosso should certainly put some spring back into Spring Street.


Anonymous said...

Ach! I know this isn't Stamford, but when, oh when, is the Westport Shake Shack opening??? :D

Anonymous said...

Also, we're getting Burgers, Shakes & Fries and Filling Station...both established and great burger/dog joints in the area. :)

Thanks for the OmNomCT plug. Oh, and hey, also try TropiGlace in the Cove area....great new ice cream shop. We've got an article on that...was just posted.

Anonymous said...

OmNomCT -- what's the scoop on BSF? Last I talked to those guys they were considering Stamford, but have they actually picked a location?

Unknown said...

BSF talked to the HD a month or so age, but no palns yet (i think). Also 5 men and a burger is looking to come to Stamford.

J from CT said...

For a 5 Guys or similar upper end quick-serve burger restaurant I'd love to see them try one down near the Fairway, or at the now-empty Blockbuster on East Main.

For a lower end burger place, like a Wendy's, the lot on the corner of the Shop-Rite shopping center on West Main looks like a spot begging for such a place. It already has a drive-thru for the bank, so perhaps that would help with zoning for its own? Also there are no other drive-thru burger places nearby, but there are already QSR's in the center - Subway, Cinnabon, Carvel, Dunkin Donuts - with a Taco Bell 1/2 mile down the road - and those type of places like going where other QSR's already exist.

OR, now that I think about it, in that same shopping center, the Route 22 is closed, already with a kitchen and decent amount of square footage, so Five Guys would be great for there - the perfect place to stop after working out at the NYSC in the back!

Manager Mom said...

Bar Rosso is fantastic... they have an amazing Italian Ice cocktail with prosecco, limoncello, and lemon sorbet. I could drink about eighty hundred of those...

Orville said...

Fantastic post. Things I have noticed recently;

-key foods is no more. Being replaced first by marketplace. Then by la marqueta.

-news of a Jewish deli on prospect st where the courtyard diner was

- robucks coming to harbor point near the lofts

- saw the rumors about all the burger places. Anyone know where 3 landmark square. Is this next to the hsbc on Atlantic is?

- what's happening with old Thai chi place? Seems like it is not for rent yet they have relocated to Greenwich

- tried the chicken with pimientos at Barcelona. Amazing!

Poems in Search of Pictures said...

Great comments everyone! Thanks so much for adding to the dining discourse.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, just saw your comment, Anonymous. I know it was their plan to open shop, but Whitemist knows what's going on! :)

UnsatisfiedMind said...

Orville - 3 Landmark Square is on Atlantic St, across from the Palace Theater. There is a large brick patio above a shoe repair shop and Scottrade office - that's where the Filling Station is going.

The office space adjoining that patio has been gutted, but they've got to be many, many months away from opening