Sunday, June 5, 2011

I'm Sick!

And it stinks! I was coughing all night - some of that in my husband's face apparently (soooorrryyy!) - and felt feverish and nauseous. Yuck! Now this isn't really a "personal" sort of blog, and I don't like to burden you with all my trials and tribs, but I say this to tell you all the much more fun things I had PLANNED to do today.

1. Get my nails done with my lovely friend, TL. She's a fan of a spot called Tip Top Nails, but there are lots of other good choices around. I'm still sad that You Got Nails closed, but I did a lil' write up for a few other options around town here.

2. Have lunch with our neighbors. If I was feeling creative, I was going to make a summery salad from the excellent produce selection at Fairway (hey look at that, a sale on shrimp - maybe that's the way I'd have gone). If I was feeling lazy, I'd have picked up some sushi and salad choices from Tendga. Either way, yum!

3. Take a walk around the Stamford Nature Center. It's a gorgeous day, and the perfect time to take a stroll.

BUT instead, I'm partying with wadded up tissues and Vitamin C drinks. Bleh. Please go out and have much more fun than me!!

(photo from L'eau Bleue,

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Anonymous said...

Too bad your sick, you missed a great hike at the Stamford Museum & Nature Center as part of the Ct Trails weekend. At 6pm this Sun. was a birds, bugs and beast hike with the naturalist. We heard the barn owl, caught tad poles and baby salomandars in the vernal pool. It was great fun and we brought at 6-year old which made it a learning experience, too.