Wednesday, July 29, 2009

BYO Alligators

Bridgeport’s Beardsley Zoo held an exotic animal amnesty day this past Saturday. In the wake of Stamford’s Chimpgate, Connecticut has cracked down on pets a bit outside the norm. In order to encourage owners to come forward, the state partnered with the zoo for a one-day event where folks could surrender their creatures.

NPR’s Craig LeMoult reported that residents came forward with alligators (including one who used to join the owner in the swimming pool!), lizards (whose names include Thomas, Buddha, Rex and Suzanna), a variety of birds, snakes and a Capuchin monkey. The report noted that the event was all the more appropriate given the recent discovery of two alligators (likely former house pets) hanging out in the Connecticut wild. Perhaps it’s because I live in Stamford, but those last two words barely make sense together. The most threatening animal I’ve seen locally is a shifty eyed bunny. Was very sorry to have missed Stamford’s own Noah’s Ark.

(photo from Steve Beger Photography ( Productions),

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