Monday, December 10, 2012

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Chocopologie

photo from  Kirti Poddar,
My lovely friend JB and I hadn't caught up in approximately 3,000 years, so we set our sights on a little afternoon out at one of Stamford's newest sweet spots: Chocopologie (213 Main). I'd been to their Norwalk location a few times, and was always impressed.

In Norwalk, they had a great selection of salads and savory fare, but unsurprisingly, it was the truffles, cupcakes and acres of chocolate goodness that really made the grade. I even took a cupcake decorating class and learned how to make a frilly icing freakin Martha Stewart.

I'm still taking the 101 class at the Stamford location, but so far, it's making me smile. It's a teeny, tiny space, but it packs a lot of lovely punch. There are dramatic glass apothecary jars filled with chocolates as pretty as jewels. There are brownies and cookies galore. I was taken in by the gelato case, and helped myself to a mix of chocolate and hazelnut. Both flavors were delicious. JB snagged a small hot chocolate, which was amazing and could pretty much be cut with a knife. As she rightly said, it tastes like a liquid chocolate bar.

Just as appetizing was the decor. Classic furniture pieces with dramatic flourishes painted in white were upholstered in a unique printed burlap edged in red. There was a box full of Lincoln logs (that my son tried to eat) on a gracious coffee table and pretty candles and artwork displayed all around. Chocopologie managed to convey a wealth of style despite the pinched square footage.

We had an excellent visit (although my about-to-not-be-a-baby-anymore baby kept us on our toes!), and I would definitely come back for more.

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Streets of Stamford said...

Wait...Lincoln Logs aren't edible?? Crap. Well, it explains a lot.