Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Little Review of Bar Q

My fabulous friend, who wishes to remain a mystery, wrote up the following for your enjoyment. I love the okra comments especially. Made me want to check it out! Enjoy:

Unfortunately, I did not pay very close attention to the d├ęcor.  The layout is basically the same as Hula Hanks, with a new bar, furniture, flooring, etc., and without the swings.  Casual and rustic, with no sticky surfaces detected.

The service was prompt, attentive, and pleasant.  Our server answered all of our questions patiently, and even gave us a heads-up that the pulled pork did not come as a standard sandwich with bread, but rather just straight up pulled pork. Much appreciated.

We started with deviled eggs and meatball sliders. The deviled eggs were tangy and smooth with a slice of pickled okra on top. I am pleased to report there was no trace of slime on the okra. These were very good, but not a must-have if there are other items that catch your eye. The meatball sliders had great flavor, but the texture was a little mushy. We were sort of lukewarm on these.

For the next course we ordered the pulled pork, brisket, ribs, and sweet potatoes. The pulled pork was tender and juicy. It was an excellent vehicle for the sauce, which had a nice vinegar kick. The all-day smoked flavor really came through in the brisket, which was thinly sliced and tender. One member of our party thought it was a little dry, but others appreciated the fact that it was not as fatty as your typical Jewish grandma’s brisket.

The ribs were the favorite dish of the night all around: perfectly cooked and falling off the bone.

Finally, the sweet potatoes. While we appreciated that the sweet potatoes were topped with granola and brown sugar rather than marshmallows, one member of our party thought the extra brown sugar rendered them too sweet. The other gladly ate the entire bowl.

Overall, the food was very good. We particularly appreciated the fact that Bar Q offers small plates, priced appropriately. The majority of dishes on the menu were $4-$6. No surprises with a $20 morsel of nothing.

Bar Q seems to be reasonably kid-friendly. The service was fast, pleasant, and attentive. Two thumbs up for Bar Q, and we will be returning.

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