Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Steaming Hot Cup of Info on Your New Coffee Neighbor

photo from maywong_photos,   
I was thrilled to get the big fat coffee scoop on Lorca Stamford from the very woman bringing it our way. Here are a few of the tidbits she was kind enough to pass along:

- What's she working on? Perfecting her donut recipe (a thing worth waiting for if I've ever heard of one).

- What's on the menu? The shop will serve lattes, cappuccinos, espresso, cold brewed iced coffees, pour-over single-origin coffees, bulk brewed coffee, teas from Steven Smith, traditional Spanish churros, and chocolate ganache dipping sauces for the churros. So far, she's got hazelnut and dark chocolate on the menu. *drool...*

- But wait! There's more! If that weren't enough, she's contemplating some other amazements that cost me 4,000 calories just to write them: a crema catalana, a s'mores donut, carrot cake with cream cheese frosting, a lemon meringue, and a key lime graham donut. Good Lord, woman - you just blew my mind...

- So who is this lover-ly lady, anyway? She oh-so-charmingly describes herself as "a total fat kid who loves to eat bad food and play with recipes" - Amen, sister!

- How will she make my day extra fancy?  Her schmancy lattes/cappuccinos will feature equally fancy designs on top, like hearts, ferns and rosettas.

- What's her shop's style? Modern, Spanish rustic. You'll see Spanish tile, reclaimed wood, handblown glass fixtures and antique metal chairs. Not too many seats: 10-12, but lots of opportunities for taking your goodies along with you.

- When does she open her doors? Hopefully October 1st.

 So come the fall, show our new neighbor some love. I'll be first in line!

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